Help Us Live Activities

Children and Education: this program will provide educational assistance to empower children to become independent citizens in their community. Every child has the right to an education and therefore our education program will transform lives and break the cycle of poverty that traps so many children around the world. This program will provide schooling, school supplies, and tutoring.

Children and Family: this program will provide assistance to families based on their living circumstances. Assistance will vary such as assisting them with housing; especially for orphaned children, nutrition and emergency relief. With this program we want to make sure those underprivileged families and children have a daily meal each day. This program will also assist families in their daily activities which will help them become stronger and independent citizens.

Children and Health: this program will provide health care assistance to individuals who are in need of medical aid. This program will also assist with medication and medical supplies as needed. Providing medical care and health education for children and families is essential to their overall development and growth. The impoverished often don’t have access to healthcare, therefore; this program will benefit those unfortunate children who don’t have the luxury of health care.