Letter from the President

It is a very exciting time for Help Us Live and the Non Profit industry. I’m excited to see HUL increasing in size and it is great to see our friends and colleagues working tireless to support our projects.  For this reason we are working harder than ever to earn your support and loyalty.

We are committed to remaining relevant to our members and audience as we present high quality of fundraising  events, gala, and educational programs with meaningful content and people that will inspire our programs.  We appreciate all the support we have received thus far, allowing Help US Live to award over 3,000 backpacks within the past 4 years “go back to school events”. These students enter the school year with optimism and energy forging a better future knowing that someone is caring for their academic success.  Sincere thanks to all of you that have agreed to support our events when asked and donate your finance to our mission.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the board of directors for their leadership and vision, the tireless efforts and numbers of volunteers for their hard work and commitment. Without them, the step to reach toward our goal would not be possible. In addition, I wish to extend my profound appreciation to our generous sponsors. Your support truly helps Help Us Live continue with its mission which is to help the underprivileged in our communities.

As Help Us Live Corp continues to grow, our programs are also growing in connected to diverse communities in South Florida and the Caribbean by sharing meaningful vision.


Necsin Louis


Winsley Saul, Vice President

My journeys in life have allowed me to see many things such as: cultures, social division, and various stages in life as it relates to wealth and poverty. Throughout these experiences the one that triggers me more is the issues that relate to children. It saddens me to see children that are hungry, uneducated, cloth less, and without the proper hygiene. We often take these things for granted, but the children whom do not have access to these necessities I would like to make their life better and one day their dreams will come true. My role as vice-president is to tackle these issues one child at the time. My dream is to reach children all over the world and to conquer these critical issues with the help of our supporters and donors.

Sonia Moreno, Secretary

“I believe in non-profit organizations”. I have been a part of nonprofit for a while and seen how one life can change people‘s needs in a positive and sustain way. Helping others bring satisfaction and joy to my heart. The people who have been in difficulties, we have to let them know that they are not alone, and someone will be there for them. Help Us Live is a great non-profit organization that offers help and education to children and families in needs.

Livia Del Mar Moreno

As an educator I would like to see children have access to an education. Now Help Us Live gives me the opportunity to help underprivileged children. I will put all my effort and energy to help them find the tools that they need to be succeeding in life, but I will not be able to accomplish my goal without the help of my donors and friends. Remember that helping others we help ourselves by building the future of our children. “Help me to help myself” Maria Montessori.